Live Free from Symptoms with Services from Our Allergy Treatment Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Local: (719) 277-7546

We believe we are superior to most other
NAET practitioners because of these reasons:

1.  We have the most extensive array of allergens to test (50,000)

2.  We can treat more than one allergy at a time. (up to 250)

3.  We are very cost effective (most clinics charge $75 to $125 to remove each allergy)  vs. $15 each.

4.   You may neutralize 400 allergies in six days (depending on your general health )

5.   We do not charge for next visit re-treatment (other practitioners do).

6.  We eliminate an extensive array of allergies - thus you  will receive better results.

7.  We guarantee free followup visits for one year.  Low cost re-treatment after 1 yr ($75).

8.  Quicker time to see some conditions cleared (between days to six months).

9.  We eliminate 400 allergies in 6-16 treatments.

10.  To ensure you pass, we don't just use Kineaseology (we use advanced bio-energetics)

11.   If you have 400 allergies we can save you the thousands over standard NAET.

12.  You may be treated every day, week or month. (treatments not time sensitive).

13. We charge $15 per allergy removed for the first 200 allergies, then charge $1 per allergy after 200! (You decide to stop when your goals are reached).

14. After your initial scan, we will have a sense of the total number of allergies you have.

15. We offer a substantial discount for an up-front payment and additional Military discounts (all allergies treated only).

16. Some people with serious allergies are no longer sensitive after only three treatments and less than $500.

17. You can choose how extensive your exam wil be: basic, foods, environmentals, everything, inflammatory contributors, etc. 

18. Anyone of any age can be treated!  This is a pain free exam and a pain free treatment.