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"I have just received my fifth treatment! My allergies affect my digestion to the point that I have missed many hours of work. I have been to numerous medical clinics over the past 2 years and none of them could help. The last medical clinic said that I may have Crohn's Disease, but they are not positive. Dr. Goodman used NAET to identify that I am highly allergic to many foods. I am already 50 times better; I look better and feel better. "
                Don, Transit System from COS
"As a medical doctor trained in allopathic medicine and practicing for over 16 years, I have learned that NAET is an incredibly powerful tool in healing the whole person rather than just treating the symptoms. NAET detects the underlying causes of asthma and other allergy-related illnesses, and treats the disease naturally and effectively."
                Lisa Camerino, M.D. Portland OR

Family - Academy Allergies in Colorado Springs, CO

"I have had pain in my lower left intestine for quite some time. Dr. Goodman identified the cause and cleared me by 60% on the first visit. I am truly amazed how the NAET treatment protocol works. He even told me exactly when the problem began without me telling him."
               Michelle, CPA from COS
"NTT gave me the best tool to evaluate my patients' health disorders and NAET taught me the greatest healing technique to eliminate the problem almost instantly and painlessly. NAET has truly revolutionized the practice of medicine! I applaud Dr. Devi for developing this unique technique and sharing it with the world. I have no doubt this is going to be the "Medicine of the Future." "
               Robert Prince, M.D. Charlotte, NC


"My son was blind and deaf since the age of three and now he is 14.  Dr. Bob performed this advanced treatment on my son and eliminated swelling on his forehead and also inside his head.  He can now both see and hear.  It was a true miracle!

         David's Grateful Mother, Colorado Springs

"I was a Logger for my whole life and it became unbearable to climb trees or even walk.  Dr. Goodman identified the cause of my problems - pine trees.  I am now able to jump from certain heights and go back to work. It is mind boggling to me that I worked in this industry for 40 years and recently built up this intolerance to totally incapacitate my life.  Thank You for giving me my life back!

         Lightning, Seattle Washington

"We live in Monument Colorado and perform many outdoor activities.  My daughter could not  join in the rest of the families activities  due to her  environmental allergies.  She was also highly sensitive to peanuts.  Just being arount a peanut could send her into anaphalactic shock. She now takes walks in the woods.  We still do not allow her to eat peanuts, but on some occasions she has consumed them unknowingly and had no reaction."

        Chris A., Monument


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