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Get back to nature and enjoy a symptom-free lifestyle with allergy treatment and relief from our center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. At Academy Allergies, we are excited to offer you NAET, a new procedure to eliminate most allergies without taking painful shots or undergoing costly and uncomfortable diagnosis. NAET is the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique. It utilizes simple muscular reflex testing, sometimes known as Kinesiology, to determine what allergies you have a problem with and performing a muscular stimulation procedure to make the allergen reaction disappear.

Academy Allergies is an allergy relief and elimination protocol company utilizing brain reprogramming. We specialize in not just suppressing the symptoms but eliminating them. We can test for all the allergies you have for $250 with no shots or pain, and we have you results available within 15 minutes. Our services are also available for those needing asthma and autism treatment. We welcome patients of all ages and can provide our Asyra diagnostic system for doctors looking for a superior hardware and software system that puts the power of bioenergetic medicine in their hands.

About Our Doctor
Dr. Robert Goodman graduated from the Institute of Bio-Energetic Medicine with Doctorates in Bio-Energetic Medicine (B.D.), Naturopathic Medicne (N.D.Traditional Medicine), and Natural Medicine (D.N.M.).  The D.N.M. and N.D. is recognized by the American Naturpathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB). He also graduated from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This was a Masters Degree in excess of 3,850 hours making it the longest medical school program in the United States. He studied diagnosis and differentiation of disease from an Eastern perspective and became an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Eastern Herbal medicine (Colorado Licensed Acupuncturist L.Ac. and Nationally recognized Diplomate of Acupuncture). He completed extensive coursework in Western (Allopathic Medicine) as part of the TCM degree.

Dr. Goodman taught for three years at the National American University School of Nursing program and has instructed classes in anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology at both the Nursing and Medical Assistant levels. He has also taught classes in physics and chemistry at the Doctoral level.
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